White Collar Crime Prof Blog - Recommended Reading:  Kings of Tort

The book gives a fascinating look at the stragegy and tactics employed by Dawson, his colleagues at the U.S. Attorney’s Office, and the FBI.  Dawson had to keep the entire investigation secret in a very small legal community where everybody’s business is typically well known.  Good luck, good planning, and tough professionalism kept the undercover operation running smoothly, while co-conspirators were confronted and turned one by one.  Make no mistake about it, this is an account written from the federal government’s perspective.  Yet it offers a unique contemporary glimpse into how a federal public corruption case is built.  The subtitle is somewhat misleading, as there is far more about the Scruggs case than the Minor case in the book.  I recommend it highly. - White Collar Crime Prof Blog 8/25/2010


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